Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Review: Motorola MBP27T Sense The Temperature Digital Video Baby Monitor

I was contacted a few weeks ago with the great news that I had been accepted as part of the Babies R Us Babyologist programme, I previously filled in their online application on their Facebook page, applications are still open if anyone else is interested (you don't need to be a blogger).

I was very excited to hear that we would be sent some video baby monitors to review, not as excited as my husband Chris who is a massive gadget nerd, we have only ever used audio monitors before.

We were sent the Motorola MBP27T Sense The Temperature Digital Video Baby Monitors, upon opening them we were intrigued to read that not only was it a video monitor it also had a touchless thermometer built in, Motorola have used the latest technology to help you monitor the health of your little one.

Once we had set up the monitor the real fun began, testing out all the functions of the monitor.

 The Video Monitor

The picture and sound quality are excellent, the unit also features a night vision mode, the built in photo sensor detects a low level of ambient light and switches to night vision automatically, the screen then appears in black and white while the picture quality remains thanks to the high intensity infra-red LEDs.

You can also turn off the video monitor but leave on the audio monitor if you wish.

Talk Mode

This talk mode feature is one of my favourite things about this video monitor, by pressing the button you can talk to your baby, this is great if your baby just needs to hear a soothing voice without having to enter the room and disturb them, I think this feature would also be great for toddlers who won't settle.

Touchless Thermometer 

I think the touchless thermometer really sets this video monitor apart from it's rivals, there are two buttons, one is for testing forehead temperature and the other is for testing the liquid temperature of things like milk or a bath by using infra-red technology, it's so easy to use and the results are clearly displayed.

Digital Pan and Tilt

Another great feature is the ability to pan and tilt the camera unit from the monitor, this means if your baby wriggles around their cot like ours does you can move the camera to the position you need without having to disturb them by entering the room.


The parent monitor also features an alarm which can be set for a 6,4 or 2 hour period.

Range and Portability

Once charged the monitor is fully portable and has a range of up to 300 metres and an out of range warning, I've found this a brilliant feature as I usually get my chores done whilst the baby sleeps, I can take it from room to room without worrying.

I can honestly say that we have been incredibly impressed with the monitor, not only is it reliable and flexible it also offers unique features which make is so much more than just a baby monitor, meaning it will be used by us way beyond the baby years.

The video monitor offers you peace of mind which can be something we all seek as parents of little ones.

Here is a short video where I point out some of the features of the video monitor.

You can buy the Motorola digital video baby monitor from Babies R Us online for £99.99 .

Do you use a video monitor with your baby ? let me know in the comments below.

Angela x

*We received the monitor free of charge as part of the Babies R Us Babyologist programme but all opinions are 100% honest and my own*

Friday, 12 September 2014

Pampers Active Fit #BritainsDriestNappy Challenge

Here at the Webster's we have been taking part in the Pampers Active Fit #BritainsDriestNappy challenge,

I don't know about you but I don't think I've ever given much thought to how wet nappies might be on the inside, that was until Pampers sent us a fun little challenge to find out.

We are a Pampers household but we usually use Pampers Baby Dry, we have tried some supermarket own brand nappies but have always returned to the reliability that we feel Pampers offers us.

Dryness Demonstration 

I'm a massive nerd when it comes to anything that seems like a science experiment so I got quite excited at the dryness demonstration that Pampers sent us to do at home, my husband and I both sat  down to do it together, Daisy did observe but she was supervised at all times.

Here's a list of what you will need if you want to try the experiment for yourself:

A Pampers Active Fit Nappy
150ml water in a cup or bottle (this is about 2-3 wees in baby terms)
A timer
Some tissue or kitchen roll
A pair of scissors

* Take the nappy and place it as if you were about to put it on your baby, make a kind of bowl in the middle.

* Pour the water slowly into the centre of the nappy in the bowl you made.

* Set your timer for 1 minute 30 seconds.

* When the time is up place your tissue paper/kitchen roll on the surface of the nappy and apply  some pressure, about the same amount you think the weight of your baby would apply.

* Lift the tissue/kitchen roll and see the results for yourself, also have a feel of the surface to see how dry it is.

We followed all the instructions above and we were really surprised with how little moisture was on the kitchen roll, the surface of the nappy was remarkably dry which was a shock as the 150ml of water seemed like such a lot when I was pouring it !

              Above is a photo of the kitchen roll result, as you can see the dampness is minimal.

The dryness demonstration also challenged us to cut the nappy in half to see how Pampers Active Fit stay so dry, inside the nappy are absorbent micro pearls which absorb the liquid to form a gel which then locks the liquid away, this means it can keep your baby protected from dampness for up to 12 hours, this is great for overnight if you are lucky enough to have a baby that sleeps through.

                                      A close up of the inside of the Pampers Active Fit Nappies.

I was already confident that Pampers were the best nappies for us, but taking part in the #BritainsDriestNappy challenge has reaffirmed our decision.

                                     Here is Jacob modelling his Pampers Active Fit Nappy.

Why don't you have a go at the dryness demonstration at home yourself, let me know if you do and what results you get.

Angela x

*We were sent a trial pack of Pampers Active Fit nappies for the purpose of this blog post but all opinions are 100% honest and our own.*

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Jacob At 4 Months Old

Today Jacob is exactly 4 months old, as each month passes I wonder where on earth the time has gone, it seems like yesterday he was a shiny new baby and now he is this little person with a personality all of his own !


Jake now sleeps on average about 11 hours during the night, he has his last bottle between 7.30-8.30 and is usually asleep by 9, this of course is wonderful for us, we are getting s much better quality nights sleep which is a relief as I'm terrible when tired.

Jake does nap during the day but at the moment it seems to be only when he is being held by me, this normally wouldn't be a problem but when you have a toddler to look after as well it can prove quite difficult and if I'm honest a bit frustrating.


We have taken Jake down to five 6oz bottles , we found he was bringing a lot of excess milk back up after his feeds, he is still satisfied with the reduced amount and it's not affected his sleeping.

I have tried him a few times with baby porridge when he has seemed hungrier, although he doesn't dislike it he isn't very interested so we are taking it slowly.


I had Jake weighed last week, he weighed 18lbs 3oz ! no wonder his 3-6 months clothes are a little snug. They don't measure him at the clinic I go to so if anyone knows the best way to measure a baby at home please do let me know.


This week Jake discovered he has two hands and hasn't stopped grabbing at the other, he finds it fascinating and spends ages just gazing at them. Jake loves watching what Daisy is doing and attempts to jump of my lap so he can join in, I've also noticed he can wriggle himself of his play mat, I never find him where I left him.

Jake loves sitting on my knee and can quite easily hold himself up now, his neck and muscle control is growing stronger everyday.

We are also at the wonderful stage where we can make Jake giggle, is there a nicer sound in the world than this ?

I spent a few days last week chasing up an appointment for the second lot of immunisations that Jake missed out, he finally has an appointment next week so I'm not looking forward to that.

I will be back next month with another update.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any comments or suggestions, I always read them and comment back.

Angela x

Friday, 5 September 2014

All Quiet On The North West Front

Up until the middle of August I was blogging regularly, the ideas for posts were coming thick and fast, the inspiration and motivation to do things so I could blog about them was at an all time high, then all of a sudden everything stopped.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you may have read other posts where I have touched on the fact that I do suffer bouts of depression, I can't tell when this is going to happen and one morning in August from the minute I woke up I knew the horrible darkness was back.

As I get older I'm starting to recognise the build up to a bout and what my triggers are, there were a few things niggling me for weeks that I didn't confront and unfortunately that's the outcome for me.

I'm also convinced that I've had a bad reaction to the contraceptive injection (Depo), I am going to write a separate post explaining about it.

Anyway, I'm feeling so much better, I had a kind of rock bottom moment recently and it's been onwards and upwards ever since.
I decided not to seek medical help this time around and instead have looked at ways that I can help myself through it, it's a work in progress and I now accept that I will have to work really hard the rest of my life to not let depression gets it's hooks well and truly in.

My head is once again full of ideas of things I want to do and write about, now comes the task of finding the time.

I had stopped writing some of my regular posts as I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take my blog, but I reminded myself that this is my space to write in, I'm writing for me and if I'm lucky enough for anyone else to read it then that's a bonus.

I'm going to be working on a posting schedule to keep me focussed as I know that writing is my therapy, I'm going to bringing back some of the old regular posts I used to write like 'Webster's Week In Wins' which I'm going to revamp to include my success with surveys, I've also got some ideas for new regular posts.

The most important thing for me at the moment to accept is that if I don't feel like blogging I won't, I don't want to lose the joy of writing so I'm taking the pressure off myself.

Thanks for reading.

Angela x

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Celebrating Crisp Sarnie Week With Seabrook Crisps #crispsarnieweek

When I was growing up a crisp butty was a regular snack in our house, our budget was tight and ready salted crisps and a loaf of bread were cheap, we would occasionally spice things up by adding a splash of vinegar to the bag of ready salted, us kids thought that was amazing.

Since becoming an adult I have indulged in the humble crisp sarnie less and less, but when I saw that Seabrook were celebrating crisp sarnie week I thought I would get involved and create a more sophisticated creation than my childhood palette was used to.

Mature Cheddar, Beef Seabrook Crisps & Wholegrain Mustard Sandwich

I used a cheese flavoured ciabatta roll, I spread a generous amount of wholegrain mustard on the bottom of the roll, next came the slices of mature cheddar followed but a very generous handful of Beef flavour Seabrook crisps for extra crunch.

The end result was delicious and it's given me the motivation to try some different crisp sarnie creations in future.

Do you like crisp sarnies ? what weird and wonderful things to you use on a crisp sarnie ? leave me a comment below.

Angela x

* This recipe is an entry into the National Crisp Sarnie Week competition with Seabrook crisps *

Friday, 15 August 2014

42 Days Of Summer Challenge #Sweeet

Although my two little ones are too young to have an official Summer holidays, I still like to plan lots of activities for us to do during the Summer, the days are very long and we like to make the most of the better weather this time of year as well as thinking of new ideas for indoor play.

BritMums and McVitie's BN Biscuits sent us two packets of BN Biscuits to try for the challenge, our house is full of chocoholics and we were all really surprised that the Raspberry BN's were our favourite, we loved the chocolate too but the Raspberry were so Moorish ! The sandwich biscuits are tasty and a very generous size making them very filling.

Here are some things we have been up to this Summer, both outdoors and indoors.

                                                         We have blown bubbles

                                                         We had our face's painted

                                                    We had fun in the bath on a rainy day

                                            We had fun with the hose pipe in the garden

                                               We went on plenty of walks in the sunshine

                                                We went to a local farm and fed the goats

                                                               We had a few picnics

                                                              We made ice lollies

                                                           We went to the Aquarium

                                                               We went to the park

                                                                 We ate Ice-Cream

                                                        We drew pictures on rainy days

                                                             We had fun in the rain

We have had lots of fun this Summer so far and still have lots of plans for the weeks ahead.
Here are a few more tips for both indoor and outdoor fun this Summer.
Outdoor Fun
Fly a Kite
Go Puddle Jumping
Go To The Beach
Go Fishing
Make A Mud Pie
Indoor Fun
Have a picnic in the lounge
Make Cupcakes
Have a Marathon Movie Day
Have a Treasure Hunt
Have a Tea Party and Invite Your Friends
I hope you've enjoyed seeing what we have been getting up to this summer, maybe you could try some of our ideas or find some inspiration of your own, whatever you do enjoy the rest of your Summer.

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Angela x

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Jacob At 3 Months Old

Today Jake is three months old today, it really does seem a case of blink and you will miss it, it seems like only yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and now it's hard to imagine what our life was like when he wasn't in it.

If you want to read the last update which was at ten weeks click here .


Sleeping at night has improved both for Jake and for us, he usually goes down to sleep in his cot by 9pm where he sleeps until around 5am which I think is fantastic and it's certainly made a huge difference to my quality of sleep.

The last few days I have noticed him falling into a little pattern with his day naps too, he seems to having a long sleep usually from about 12pm until 3pm, with several shorter naps throughout the day.


Jake is still having six 6oz bottles of formula (hungry baby) milk a day , he still cluster feeds in the evening which means he usually has two bottles in quick succession, I think he has suffered slightly with colic in the evening although it's not been anywhere near as severe as Daisy was with it.


I had planned to go to the clinic and get Jake weighed this week but he's had a little cough and cold this week and I've been rotten ill with a throat infection too so I didn't fancy dragging us all out of the house. Jake doesn't fit in any 0-3 month clothes anymore, he know fits nicely into 3-6 months sizes.


Jake is really alert all the time now when he's awake, he loves bashing at the toys on his activity mat, he has a really strong grasp now so has been enjoying holding his blue giraffe soft toy and having a good old slobber all over it.

Jake was due to have his second set of immunisations this week but with us all being unwell we had to cancel, I was quite shocked when the clinic said it would be another six weeks before he gets another appointment, this is a little worrying and I can't find much information on what effect this could have. I'm going to phone the health visitor on Monday and find out, has anyone else had this experience ?

I will be back at 16 weeks for another Jake update.

Angela x