Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bargains I've Bagged This Week

This week I have taken advantage of some store offers and coupons, I've able to add some treats to our weekly shopping budget.

The Co-op have another good £5 offer on at the moment, these five items should have cost around £15 so that's a brilliant saving, even better I had a 50p coupon off a £4 spend so this little lot cost me £4.50 !

Every third week of the month the Daily Mirror newspaper have coupons in for money off Aldi products, some are 50% some are 30% off, I got this little lot for £1.99.

This used coupons and cashback apps for the next lot of products.

Flash Anti-bac Wipes 90 pack: £1.50 at Asda- £1 after printable coupon

Birds Eye Lightly Dusted Cod: £2.00 at Asda-50p after ClickSnap cashback (also on try me free so a full refund making this a money maker)

Kettle Chips: £1 at Asda-50p after ClickSnap cashback

John West Tuna Twist-£1.08 at Asda-Free with coupon from their Facebook page

As with all types of couponing and bargain hunting, the products are only a bargain if they are things you would normally use or would want to try, I don't stockpile as I'm not a fan of clutter but I do admire people who are organised enough to do it.

Have you found any bargains this week, leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Angela x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July Frugal Challenges

I've decided to set myself just two frugal challenges this month, July is set to be very busy, it's almost half term and my step-children are visiting next weekend, we also have a long list of jobs that need doing around the house, frugally of course.

Total Tumble Dryer Ban

I've written in previous posts about my new found love of line drying so I thought I would challenge myself to not turn on the tumble dryer at all this month, this will require careful planning on my part, checking the weather and being inventive if inside drying is required.

Doing this will save us a ton on the electricity bill as well as eliminating all the dust created when we use it.

Find Frugal Free Family Fun

We will soon have almost seven weeks of no nursery due to the Summer holidays, I want to make sure we get out of the house as much as possible, of course we will be spending lots of time in the garden but I also want to find as many free activities as possible to give the little ones and myself  some variety.

I'm going to research what's on locally for free, I've already spotted a regular play session at the local children's centre and the library normally does something as well.

I will report back at the end of the month and let you know how we did.

If you have any ideas for frugal challenges we could do please let me know in the comments.

Angela x

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June Frugal Food Challenge - The Results

I thought I would start off the month updating you on the challenge we set ourselves in June, I would love to tell a fib and say we smashed it but I wouldn't do that to you my lovely readers.

Trying to live a more frugal lifestyle is a learning process, like anything else in life you can't be 100% perfect all of the time and although we didn't perfect this challenge we still made some big improvements and I'm more than happy with that.

Cut The Crap

This was and wasn't a total failure, we still had a few takeaways and had a few too many treats of an evening but we did it all within our budget and only if we were sure we could afford it, of course it would have been much better to have ploughed the money we spent in a better direction and we will keep striving to do better in this area.

On the plus side I lost 6lbs in June by being more physically active, the decluttering, deep cleaning and gardening have really paid off.

Waste Nothing

I did really well in this area, I only got food out of the freezer if I was sure we were going to eat it, I've made a meal plan every week and other than the odd takeaway we have stuck to it this means I've only bought what we actually needed for those meals and nothing extra.

Chris and I are not big fruit eaters but I feel it's really important for the kids to eat fruit, one way I've found to really reduce waste in this area is to buy loose and only one or two of each fruit, this is a great way of offering a variety without too much waste.


This challenge has also been a success, Chris and I sat down and wrote a list of meals that we all enjoy, we came up with 14 which we will rotate, this really takes the pressure off not knowing what to make each night and again reduces waste, simplicity really is best when it comes to meal planning.

Stay tuned for my July frugal challenge post.

Angela x

Monday, 29 June 2015

Money Monday - Stretch Your Grocery Budget With Coupons and Cash Back Apps

I took a little break from writing last a post last Monday but this week I thought I would share with you some ways to stretch your grocery budgets that little bit further.


If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that while I'm not extreme I do like a bit of couponing, coupons are everywhere nowadays, the internet is a fantastic resource for finding them and a search of 'Extreme Couponing' on Facebook will bring up some brilliant pages my personal favourites are Coupon Shop and Coupon Crazy Cat Lady .

I like to make the most of my coupons by using them when the product is on a promotional sale, this often makes the product totally free or a crazy low price, you can see my post here  about getting the most value from your coupons.

I recently bought this little folder for £2.20 from Amazon to keep all my coupons organised.

Cash Back Apps

I've been aware of cash back apps for a while but have always been a bit wary of them for some reason, the difference between these and using a physical coupon is that you have to pay for your product out of pocket and then use the app to claim the money back.

                                            This Jelly was free after using the Shopitize app.

After feeling very inspired by Laura from Coupon Crazy Cat Lady I decided to give it a go, I'm really glad I did as the apps have improved ten fold since I last tried them, here are the ones I'm using at the moment.


Quidco ClickSnap

TopCashback Snap & Save


I also have the One Stop and Bargain Booze apps installed as they regularly offer great freebies.

Do you enjoy couponing ? leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Angela x

Saturday, 27 June 2015

This Week At The Webster's - Garden Fun, Baby Stands Up, Good Results and Mummy Gets Scared

Last week seems to have flown by, we have had some really lovely weather here in the North West so we have been spending lots of time playing in the garden, we even got the paddling pool out.

Jake has been using every available prop to help him stand up, he can manage about 20 seconds no hands before he falls on his bum, I've no concerns about him not walking yet, Daisy was 14 months when she walked and Jake will do it in his own time like everything else.

If you read last weeks post I mentioned that Daisy was going for a blood test to find out why she keeps getting poorly, she was so brave and didn't cry when she had the test and her results have all come back normal which is such a relief.

Last night I used some free tickets I had for the cinema and went to Insidious 3 with my cousin and eldest daughter, I used to be a hardcore horror fan but they frighten me to death nowadays, I was determined to do my best not to jump as much as usual as my film buddies always make fun of me but I failed spectacularly when I jumped that much that I almost ended up on the floor !

Chris has a very rare weekend off so we are spending it doing not very much at all, I think we both deserve it, it's been a long hard month.

Angela x

Look In My Letterbox 21st-27th June 2015

I'm back again to share with you what lovely goodies I've had through the post and if you read last weeks post you will know that I'm going to be changing the way that I share this with you.

To let you know about the prizes and freebies I receive each week in the post I will be linking up with 'Look In My Letterbox' which is hosted by the lovely Alice Megan every Saturday.

I will be posting any bargains and free finds on a separate dedicated post although this might be a more sporadic posting.

Anyway I hope you enjoy looking at what's arrived this week.

I had another great freebie from SoPost, a can of the new Tropical Red Bull.

A sample of the new Ultimate Blends shampoo, conditioner and serum.

I applied for this MAC mascara quite a while ago so thought I might have missed out but it finally arrived this week.

This gorgeous little book arrived from the Annabel Karmel club giveaway, we have been really lucky and have won a fair few of their giveaways in the past.

I cashed out a £10 Argos voucher from Consumer Pulse.

This sample of Organix porridge is from Asda they had hundreds to give away earlier in the month, Jake will be enjoying this for his breakfast in the morning.

This generous sized sample of Dentyl mouthwash arrived this morning.

This prize arrived this week, Daisy will love them.

I did have a surprise prize turn up but it's going in the Christmas box so I'm not posting a picture.

Have you had anything nice in the post this week ? let me know in the comments I love hearing from you.

Angela x

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bargains I've Bagged This Week

I love reading blog posts about bargains and charity/thrift shop finds so I thought I would try and make this a regular feature.

Unintentionally this weeks bargain theme is all about the little ones in my life, after having a huge declutter last week I decided that I wanted to build up a good supply of fun but educational toys and books for Daisy and Jake so I've been scouting out the selling pages on Facebook as well as the free sites for potential bargains.

On Saturday we had popped into Aldi to buy some bread and milk when we spotted an absolute bargain in the entrance, a TP swing reduced to £19.99 we had planned on picking one up for next Summer but couldn't resist at that price !

I have been making a short list of toys I want for the little ones for Christmas and had been looking at this farm but the cheapest I could find it was £34.99 so I was delighted to find it on a selling page for £5, it's in fantastic condition and the children have spent hours playing with it today.

Another brilliant bargain came from Facebook as well, all these books for £4, they are in lovely condition and just what I was looking for.

The lady I bought the books from was giving this away for free ! Jake has had great fun tonight slotting the coins in and Daisy has been helping him.

I hope you enjoy reading this sort of post, I would love to hear about any bargains you've found leave me a comment a below.

Angela x